Employee Benefits


Sign-on Bonus

NBX is currently offering a $15,000  sign-on bonus - $750 is paid upon hire, $1250 is paid at 90 days, and $750 is paid every 90 days until the first $5000 bonus is reached at approximately 15 months of employment.  You will then receive $2500 at two years of employment, $2500 at two and a half years of employment.  The final $5000 will be paid at 3 years.

Night Driver Differential

We realize that working the night shift presents an extra challenge.  NBX is currently paying an extra $30 per day to all our night drivers with extra incentives on the weekend days.  We have an additional Christmas Night-Driver incentive bonus.  

Weekend Differential

We pay a $30 weekend differential to our day drivers and an extra $15 differential to our night drivers (Night drivers will make a $45 differential on Saturdays and Sundays)



NBX employees earn one week of paid time off after the first year of employment. Employees are eligible for two weeks of paid time off following three years of employment. After ten years, employees become eligible for three weeks of paid time off.



Employees are eligible to participate in a 401(k) retirement plan after three months of service.   NBX will match 100% of your 5% retirement contribution.  We offer both traditional and Roth options.


NBX provides six paid holidays per year.  Cattle have to eat every day.  Cattle and feed must be hauled on holidays. NBX appreciates the sacrifices our employees make.  Employees who work holidays are paid extra  for that day.



NBX employees are provided excellent health care coverage at a very low cost.  Family members can also be added for medical insurance, including vision and prescription drug coverage.  Dental insurance is also available at additional cost.  


NBX provides our employees with term life insurance with a death benefit of $10,000 and we pay 100% of the employees' premiums.



A variety of supplemental policies are available to our employees such as dental, cancer, disability, etc.  At orientation, all these options will be explained to you.  


NBX provides an annual performance bonus program to all full time employees. The program provides monetary rewards to employees for superior performance, safe work practices, a clean work environment and achievement of departmental goals.  We pay this just before Christmas.  


* All benefits are subject to change and may have certain eligibility requirements.

Interested in applying?

You have several different choices:

-Download this PDF file of our application, fill it out and either email it in or bring it in
-Call our office and we can directly email you one
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