Q: What does the job  pay? 

It's a little complicated. Cattle drivers receive a guaranteed salary with lots of extra incentives; Commodity drivers are paid by the load.  Everyone has the opportunity to get a quarterly bonus.  Payroll is every other Friday without fail.  You have to be willing to learn the ropes and work hard, but you should be making between $60-70,000 per year or about $20-25 and hour.   


Q: How do you pay the $5000 Safety Bonus?   


You will be paid a bonus of $750 on your first full payroll period and $1250 at 90 days of employment.  You will then be paid a $750 bonus every 90 days until the full bonus of $4500 is paid at approximately 15 months of employment.

Q: Are there benefits?  



We provide some great benefits: 

  • 401K program with traditional or Roth options

  • Health insurance including dental and vision

  • Paid time off

  • Paid holidays

Q: What is a night differential?  


We recognize that working night shift is a little more challenging.  We pay an extra $30 per night.  If you work five days a week, that works out to about $600 a month.

We also have an annual night bonus:  We'll put $10 away for you for each night you work.  You will receive this money as a kind of "Christmas Bonus".  

Q:  What do you haul?


We haul live cattle and also cattle feed.  We service a variety of customers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.