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The weather never quits - and neither do we.

Everyone knows about the weather that's going on outside, but what some of you may not know is that we're still out here on the road. The plants we service don't shut down because of bad weather, the cattle we haul don't postpone their move because of bad weather - so here we are. Our mission is to ensure that our product (whether animal or feed) gets to where it needs to be safely, but our other main priority is ensuring our drivers make it home safely every day, because we're out here when the weatherman advises people to stay off the roads. That means driving slow with our lights on, that means looking both ways, that means wearing high visibility jackets, that means wearing the muck boots the company got us for Christmas. We want all of our employees to be safe and healthy. While most are sleeping, the night shift commodity driver is ensuring the plant gets taken care of. While some are watching tv by the fire, the cattle driver is outside loading 50 head to move to the next spot. While some are drinking their morning coffee, the mechanic is doing shift change helping drivers get out of the lot in the snow and ice. In Eastern Oregon, the weather never quits - and neither do we.

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